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Hedvig Lockwood 

412 Warren street Apt 3, Hudson, NY

At this stage of my life, painting is an act of devotion, a meditation on something seen or experienced in the world, or in the realm of ideas.


I'll begin a painting with a simple visual concept, an abstraction of something that attracts me, that evokes powerful emotions - fascination, longing, or the heartbreaking desire I may feel for union with the subject.


I portray the motif as closely as I can to how it appears, in the case of landscape, with attention to geological processes that are forming it, while staying true to my original visual concept, but using no particular technique, applying paint as seems best for each task as I go along using painting knives, brushes, rags, and my fingers.  When I don't see anything more that I think needs to be changed, the painting is finished.  It can take a day or two, or several months, to reach that goal.


In addition to my principle teachers, the realist painters Glenn Vilppu, Dominic Cretara and Lennart Anderson, principle artistic ancestors are Corot, Courbet, Cezanne, Benton, Hopper, Morandi, and the Medieval, Renaissance, Mannerist, Baroque, and Modern masters who, directly or indirectly, influenced all those others and one-another through history, each generation inspiring and teaching the next. 

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