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David Konigsberg

103 Warren Street, Hudson, NY

“David Konigsberg maps and traces an emotional and directly experienced view of the landscape of the Hudson Valley that is deeply personal, while shedding the tinges of romanticism, sweeping perspectives and nostalgia that often cloak much of contemporary landscape painting.  

“The Hudson Valley landscape has been a constant muse to artists for over a century and a half. It is here, in this landscape of rounded mountains, powerful rivers, and green, rolling hills that America’s commanding nature mythology was born, tying the supposed pristine, expansive wilderness with the concept of the sublime, of redemption and purity of soul. Konigsberg’s paintings display a more intimate view of the land and how humans coexist and interact within this landscape. His paintings resonate more with Dutch landscapes from the 17th century with their low-lying horizons, marginalized strips of civilization and unrestrained view of the billowing, cloudy, changeable skies.

“Konigsberg’s viewpoint into landscape and nature is distinctly contemporary as he manifests the tension inherent in a seasonal transition that also mirrors our anxiety about climate, extreme weather and unstoppable environmental change.”


Lisa Hatchadoorian

Catalog foreword for Nigh Season

Kenise Barnes Fine Art, 2015

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