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Emily Ritz

304 State Street, Hudson, NY


Inspired by coral reefs and lush forests, Emily Ritz uses drawing, painting, sculpture and embroidery to bring her unique vision of beauty to life. Everything she creates is done completely by hand and no two pieces are alike. Her love of repetition is quite apparent in the hyper detailed patterns that grow over each piece. For the past nine years Emily Ritz has been developing her own visual language depicting otherworldly landscapes called Lumplands, a playful term she uses to describe her creations. Ritz’s techniques have been developed in order to think as little as possible to let the images flow through in a blissful, natural way thereby creating a medicinal, meditative experience of creation. More and more Emily has been including images of her own body in her imagery in a series called Me to Me. This body of work is a direct and vulnerable expression of the human experience, rather than abstract botanical beauty open for interpretation. When Ritz began Lumpland she was on the brink of being overtaken by Lyme related arthritis that would leave her in extreme pain and disabled at times. Her continued journey through the tangle of learning to care and love her body while feeling hurt by it has resulted in a prolonged preoccupation with the self in order to heal. Lumpland is Emily’s way of consciously connecting her emotional body to her physical one by visualizing how her art comes out and back in. How her 


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