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Gretchen Kelly

520 Washington St, Hudson, NY

I work in a variety of mediums and styles, but mostly in watercolor on figurative, flowers and landscapes. I am inspired by the beauty that I see in what is right in front of me- the female form, flowers from my garden or the farmer’s market and nature all around me in the Hudson Valley all through the seasons. Color is a motivator that inspires me to get down to painting. I like to experiment with color papers in my backgrounds and juxtapose my marks with graphite or pastel on the wet watercolor surface and allow the bleeding edges to go where they may. Not being in control of the medium of watercolor is what I like. Warm red edges on the rendition of an arm or a flower petal become electrified next to a cool teal shadow. Spontaneous decision making during a one minute pose challenges my ability of economic mark making. These simple things in my process are what keep me constantly making my art and expanding my process. Simplicity is what I strive for. 



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