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Jeffrey Lependorf

341 Union Street, Hudson, NY

Collage gives me a way to suspend reality and gain control over chaos. By juxtaposing images I create compositional problems that I must “solve”—through finding and creating connections—as the works proceed to reveal themselves through a process of resolution. I physically cut and carefully combine pictures removed from discarded books and from their original contexts to coax the eye to move between and around them in voyages of unknowing. I’m particularly drawn to constructing collages that suggest multiple layers of activity and continuities such that they invite looking for a long time. Though each of these little lockboxes of the imagination sometimes suggest the possibility of story, I’m foremost interested in aesthetic pleasures and performances of movement, balance, scale, and color. I generally make use of just a few source books at a time to limit my choices and thereby open up possibilities of expression beyond what I might otherwise plan—this makes for a poetic practice that takes me to unexpected destinations.


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