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Jessica Willis

316 Warren Street, Hudson NY 


Jessica Willis is a mixed, multimedia, and installation artist as well as curator residing in the Hudson Valley in New York. Her work explores the infinite filaments that link the apparently incompatible elements of the whole.  The incongruities between surfaces, the hidden side and it's opposite, the interplay between the many aspects of objects, people and situations are both literally and figuratively the foundation of her art making practice. Whether painting abstractly on three dimensional forms, photographing objects rendering them almost unrecognizable, drawing or painting hyper-realistically, folding video upon itself… these are explorations of the components of the whole she seeks to represent. She engages the question of truth or reality by juxtaposing images or elements or versions of images that differ (slightly or entirely) so that they can challenge us to perceive that what we know of any given thing or person is due to perspective and the intent we bring to the act of observing.   


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