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Lydia Rubio

316 Warren 3A rear, Hudson, NY

The process I follow in my paintings, drawings and journals –either representational or abstract in nature - is similar to resolving a puzzle and ordering visual and conceptual themes of displacement and discontinuity.  

Life experiences, perceptions of places I have visited generate my work. Geometry, word-image-music associations, numerology- structure groups of works. Some “open works” allow for user participation, multiple installations and add the factor of time to the static media of painting.  

In the recent abstract geometric paintings, I explore a pairing of opposites: geometric structures, contrasting free gestural forms, calligraphic shapes over atmospheric spaces.  The images suggest movements and patterns in nature: from the microscopic to the cosmic scale. I want the viewer to experience a certain refuge, silence, and self-reflection that is needed in today’s world. 


© 2019 Lydia Rubio