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Mark Power

Showing at 528 Cherry Alley, Hudson


I'm interested in the use of words, and how our identification with them as they exist as objects, both in sculpture and drawing, can be compromised and challenged, redirected from the clinical and antiseptic, to a feeling of emotion, time and intimacy.


I wanted to create more of a distance from the idea behind the object, and of the object. The continued replication of what is selected, in this case of sculpture, and, in the case of drawing, the replication of "a process", adheres to this thought of removal. The utilitarian nature of familiar objects, an inexpensive household window fan, a stack of dinner plates, the Dada like " reuse" of a, at one time, bronze architectural model (c.1980), all, either separately or grouped with other objects, re-contextualized by material, surface and quantity.


The logic, and eventual location of this "source material”, vs the venues they were cultivated from, create a dynamic that I work in and from. The use of a common non-decrypt commercial production material to describe all objects, brings things back to somewhat visually familiar territory, where the playing field is not equal, but in site.

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