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Sayzie Carr

726 Union Street, 2nd floor, Hudson, NY


Sayzie Carr’s recent work is generated with material explorations from her parallel career in textiles: dyes, threads, yarn, cording, grommets and mattress ticking. Mattress ticking conjures associations with antique mattresses, tents and dormitories. Carr uses the fabric to evoke a place of rest, meditation and dreaming. This refers to a bed: a basic human need that is a luxury to the migratory, and sleep: the portal to our dreams, the imagination and our collective consciousness.

Using bedding metaphorically, Carr re-patterns the patterns, breaking up the stripes by cutting and piecing to reinsert time and care. The utilitarian fabric is remade into an abstract work of art: transformed, reinterpreted.

Additionally, Carr hand dyes fabric to create map-like patterns resembling continents and images taken by the Hubble telescope. She lays coordinates of dots on these backgrounds with fabric, crochet, felting, pom-poms and resists. Between these points, she draws with stitching to illustrate interconnections. Carr overlays web upon web, creating complex, organic systems. The final result mimics constellations, neural pathways and maps of the flight patterns of air traffic.

The language of threads, weaving, and textiles is embedded in our language, with idioms derived from fibers such as: “string theory,” “web of life,” “the internet,” “fabric of the universe” and “hanging by a thread.” Carr’s work reconnects viewers with the ordinary and the extraordinary: we are intertwined, our lives are stories woven together.


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