Will McLeod

26 Fairview Ave, Hudson, NY


Will McLeod was born in 1985 and raised in Charlotte, NC. He received his AAS in fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. While in New York, Will worked in the fashion industry for 10 years. He specialized in women’s wear, with a focus on design and development. In late 2016 he pivoted his career so that he could hone more artistic endeavors. 


Will now works in two main mediums: mixed media on paper, and in textiles. His methods are equally intuitive and methodical. The pieces he creates are visually abstract; they are dreamy and jarring, maximal and cathartic. 


The works on paper are colorful but somehow desolate. They are small scapes filled with intuitive scrawls and personal aesthetic symbols.  They are reactionary. 


The textiles Will makes are like paintings made of fabric. Will refigures his small, abstract paper-works into large, trompe l’oeil epics. The course of creating these fabric pieces is laborious and designed. These compositions have exactness like stained glass. Because they are fabric though, they are more ephemeral and soft.    


Will is an artist that loves process as much as the final product.  The technical and planning skills learned from garment design, combined with a lifetime of making and dreaming, continue to inform him. 


Will currently lives in Hudson, NY. 

INSTAGRAM: @_willmcleod

WEBSITE: willmcleod.net

EMAIL: willmcleod85@gmail.com


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